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Reduction in maintenance costs and extended lifetime of engines*

By eliminating injector deposits and improving combustion, Excellium Pro Concentrate enables the engine to maintain its performance. Protection against wear, fuel degradation, water contamination and corrosion contribute to an extended lifetime of engines.​

Excellium Pro Concentrate maintains engine power in the long-term thanks to the protection of the injectors against all types of deposits. Its enables restoration of engine power, for example, in only 7 hours (1).

Accumulation of injector deposits not only penalizes fuel efficiency, it might also lead to operation troubles and engine malfunctioning. By keeping the injectors exceptionally clean over time, the occurrence of injector failure and unplanned engine maintenance is reduced.*

Contamination of diesel fuel with water is a significant issue (also favorizing fuel corrosion tendency) and it is vital to separate it quickly and as much as possible from the fuel in case of ingress. Excellium Pro Concentrate enables a rapid separation of the fuel from the water in order to eliminate it.

Injection systems are increasingly sensitive, thus enhancing the performance requirements of the filtration systems. By conferring the fuel with improved filtrability, Excellium Pro Concentrate protects the diesel filter from premature clogging.



(1) In relation to a non-specifically additized fuel, tests performed in September 2013 with Excellium Pro Concentrate PLUS on a diesel engine on a test bench in compliance with reference method CEC F-98-08. The results may vary with the type of engine.

(*) In relation to a non-specifically additized fuel.