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The little more that makes you spend less

Taking advantage of Excellium technology

A new offer of Diesel additives which provides professional customers engine durability, cost reduction and an improvement of their environmental footprint.

Savings provider: Reduction in your operating costs

  • Reduction in fuel consumption by up to 5% 

The use of Excellium Pro Concentrate can bring a significant reduction in operating costs to professionals, by providing fuel efficiency and economy, reduced maintenance costs and extended lifetime of engine parts.


  • Reduction in maintenance costs and extended lifetime of engines  

By eliminating injector deposits and improving combustion, Excellium Pro Concentrate enables the engine to maintain its performance. Protection against wear, fuel degradation, water contamination and corrosion contribute to an extended lifetime of engines.


A better environmental footprint

  • Reduction in the impact on environment 

By improved running of an engine throughout its life, Excellium Pro Concentrate contributes to a reduction in polluting emissions (particulates, carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide).

Additional benefits

  • Improvement of fuel durability 
  • Reduction of fuel supply variability 
  • Protection of storage installations