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Website publisher company:

TOTALENERGIES ADDITIVES AND FUELS SOLUTIONS, a French Simplified limited company having a share capital of 1,346,400 Euros whose registered office is located at Place du Bassin 69 700 Givors – France, registered under number 956 501 100 with the LYON Trade and Companies Registry.

Contact : + 33 (0)4 72 49 84 10

Publishing manager: Nicolas FUMEX
Editor: Isabelle GOUSY

Declaration filed with CNIL (Data Protection Authority) under no. 1565154 v0

Website hosting:

GFI Informatique, a French limited company having a share capital of 108,587,484 Euros whose registered office is located at 145, Boulevard Victor Hugo 93400 Saint Ouen – France, registered under number 385 365 713 with the BOBIGNY Trade and Companies Registry.
Contact number: + 33 (0)1 44 04 50 00

Graphic charter design:

Dagobert SAS, 432 632 495 R.C.S. PARIS,  39 rue des Mathurins 75008 Paris - France

Website graphic design:

Nouveau Monde DDB
69286 LYON CEDEX 02  
TEL : +33 (0)4 78 24 19 19

Image and video credits:

Photothèque TOTALENERGIES, Mediatec RM, Marco DUFOUR, Bernard BLAISE, Michel LABELLE, Marc PALLARDY, Marc ROUSSEL, Véronique PAUL, Laurent ZYLBERMAN, Wim VAN NUETEN, Abdul QAYUM, Didier BOY DE LA TOUR, Ettore MALANCA, Philippe DUBREUIL, Pierre ADENIS, DPPI Media, Stan PEREC, Photothèque PSA Peugeot Citroën, Communication Renault, Lotus GP, LCR Honda Team, Abengoa Bionenergy, Agence Réciproque Rodriguez , Arcurs,, Johnson, Plendl,,,,, Zelei, Gagne, Mit,, Mc Conico , Loran,, Designs,, Landler , Vogel, Hirko, Hepburn, Gaul, Sefton,,, Zemdega,, Dixon,, Thinkstock/Shansekala, Thinkstocks/bizoo_n, Thinkstock/michaeljung, Thinkstock/SiriGronskar, Shutterstock/Jaromir Chalabala, Shutterstock/Krom1975


Standard Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

1. Recitals

The publisher company has uploaded the website having address (hereinafter the “Site”) online in order to advertise its products and services as well as to display information and recommendations. The use of the Site implies that the user agrees to be bound by the provisions of the present standard terms and conditions of use and to comply with all applicable statutory provisions. The member companies of the TOTALENERGIES group, which owns the Site publisher company, are vested with separate legal existence and independent legal personality. However, the terms “TOTALENERGIES”, “TOTALENERGIES group” or “we” are used in the Site to refer to the Site publisher company.

2. Information on the products and services

The products and services which are advertised do not constitute an offer of sale but a general overview of the range of products and services distributed by the Site publisher company. The Site publisher company reserves the right to modify or correct the information present on the Site regarding the products and services at any time and without prior notice.

3. RACING commercial network

The range of racing fuels and lubricants presented on the Site is distributed in various countries through a network of independent retailers or by subsidiaries of the TOTALENERGIES group. In any event, these retailers or subsidiaries are companies which are vested with their own legal personality and which act in their own name and for their own account, without any assumption of joint liability between them. Consequently, when the user accesses information, products and services offered by these distributors or subsidiaries through an internet link, these distributors or subsidiaries are fully responsible for the information set out on their respective websites.

4. Personal data protection

When browsing the Site and, in particular, to be able to access product technical data sheets, the user is likely to provide data of a personal nature (full name, country and e-mail address). This data is kept confidential by the Site publisher company and is computer-processed by the Site hosting company. This personal data is intended for the Site publisher company and its network of retailers, to be used as part of marketing operations.
Pursuant to the French Data Processing and Civil Liberties Act (“loi Informatique et Liberté”) of 6 January 1978, as amended in 2004, each user has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data which concerns him or her (Art. 34 of the “loi Informatique et Liberté”), by contacting us at any time online through the “Contact Us” section of the Site, or by letter sent to the following address: TOTALENERGIES ADDTIVES AND FUES SOLUTIONS- Place du Bassin 69 700 Givors – France.

5. Intellectual property rights

5.1 Copyright

All the information or documents comprised in the Site as well as all the items created for the Site are either the property of the Site publisher company or of another TOTALENERGIES group company, or are subject to rights of use, reproduction and display granted to the Site publisher company or a TOTALENERGIES group company. Such information, documents or items are subject to statutory provisions protecting copyright as soon as they are rendered accessible to the public through the Site. No licence or any right, other than the right to browse the Site, is conferred to any party whomsoever with respect to the intellectual property rights.
Copies of the items comprised in the Site may be made solely for information purposes and for strictly private and confidential use. Any reproduction and use of a copy made for other purposes is expressly prohibited and shall require the Site publisher company’s prior express consent. In any event, any authorised reproduction of the information comprised in the Site must state the source thereof and bear the proper ownership reference, for example, “This document originates from the following website:

5.2 Distinctive signs

Unless otherwise stated, the company names, logos, products and trademarks referred to on the Site are the property of the Site publisher company or of another TOTALENERGIES group company. They may not be used without the Site publisher company’s prior written consent.

5.3 User’s undertaking

Each user of the Site who provides information - other than personal data - grants to the Site publisher company all assignable intellectual property rights pertaining to this information (i.e. pecuniary rights: rights of reproduction, of display and of adaptation) and authorises the Site publisher company to use same. This information shall be deemed to be non-confidential.

6. Hypertext links

6.1 Link activation

The Site publisher company formally assumes no liability whatsoever in respect of the contents of the sites to which it directs through hyperlinks. These links are offered to users of the Site as a service. The decision to activate the links rests solely with the users of the Site.

6.2 Authorisation for hyperlinks

If the user wishes to create a hypertext link with the Site, you must obtain the Site publisher company’s prior written authorisation by contacting: TOTALENERGIES ADDITIVES AND FUELS SOLUTIONS Place du Bassin 69 700 Givors – France.

7. Limitation of liability

The information, documents and recommendations (hereinafter the "Information") available on the Site are offered to the user in utmost good faith. This Information is presumed to be accurate at the time when the user takes cognizance thereof. However, the Site publisher company is neither the representative nor guarantor of the exhaustive nature and accuracy of this Information. The user fully bears the risks related to the reliability with which he or she credits same. This Information is provided to the user on the condition that the latter or any other person who receives same may determine the usefulness thereof for a precise objective prior to using same. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Site publisher company be liable for any loss that could arise from any reliance placed on this Information, the use thereof or the use of a product to which reference is thereby made. This Information shall not be deemed to constitute recommendations for the use of information, products, procedures, equipment or formulations that could contradict a patent, registered trade mark or any other intellectual property right. The Site publisher company does not assume any liability whatsoever, whether express or implied, if this Information is used to violate any patent, registered trade mark or other intellectual property right.
No warranty, whether express or implied, is given regarding the commercial nature of the Information provided, or regarding the fitness thereof for any specific purpose, or regarding products or services to which reference is made in this Information.
Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Site publisher undertake to update or to correct the Information which is or will be displayed on the Site. Likewise, the Site publisher company reserves the right to modify or correct the contents of the Site at any time without prior notice. The Site publisher company does not warrant that the website shall operate without interruption and that the servers which grant access thereto and/or to hyperlinked third party websites do not contain any virus. Furthermore, under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Site publisher company be liable for any loss of data or for any damage to the internet user’s data.

8. Evidence clause

It is agreed that, save in the case of blatant error, the Site publisher company may, in particular for the purposes of proving any deed, fact or omission, rely on the programs, data, files, recordings, operations and other items (such as the monitoring reports or other reports and statements) of a computerised or electronic nature, format or medium, directly or indirectly issued, collected or stored by the Site publisher company, inter alia in its information systems. Thus, the items in question constitute evidence and, if produced as evidence by the Site publisher company as part of any litigation or other proceedings, shall be admissible, valid and enforceable between the Site publisher company and any user in the same manner, on the same terms and conditions and with the same evidentiary value as any document that may be issued, collected or stored in writing.

9. Updates to standard terms and conditions of use of the Site and governing law

The Site publisher company may update these conditions of use of the Site at any time. Consequently, you are invited to periodically review the latest applicable conditions of use of the Site.

These standard terms and conditions of the Site are governed by FRENCH LAW and are subject to the jurisdiction of FRENCH COURTS.