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In order to reduce pollutant emissions, the authorities progressively decided to reduce the sulphur content in diesel oils on a worldwide scale.
Desulphurisation is achieved by means of hydrotreatment and hydrocracking processes, leading to a reduction in the original lubricity capability of diesel fuels.

Our lubricity additives are designed to treat a broad range of low and very low sulphur Diesel fuels, whatever the origin of the crude oil and refining process used.
As well as achieving compliance with official fuel requirements (commonly max 460µm wear scar according to the HFRR test), our lubricity additives offer advantages tested in the laboratory and confirmed by long-term field experience. In particular, they protect Diesel injection system from wear and corrosion.

Our PC 3X Series lubricity additive range has been submitted to accurate no-harm test procedures to assess they do not interfere with other diesel fuel properties (cold flow properties, cetane number, storage stability, ...) and do not interfere with other additives or dyes used in diesel fuel treatment.Our lubricity additives range is approved by German DGMK and registered into the main chemical inventories.

To know more about PC 32 products, download the PC 32 white book.

Our multi-product pipeline accreditation

Our PC 3X Series lubricity additive range obtained the NATO/CEPMA(Central Europe Pipeline Management Agency) agreement for use in multi-products pipeline. The PC 32 Family has undergone several laboratory tests as well as a full-scale test in a multi-product pipeline to demonstrate the harmlessness of a treated Diesel fuel on an A-1 jet fuel. Very few additives are awarded these accreditations.

Our lubricity additive product range

  • The PC 3X Series (PC 30, PC 31 and PC 32) with "multi-product pipeline" accreditation, offering the best operability even at low temperatures.
  • The PC 32-XXX Series combines lubricity additives with conductivity improver, ensuring diesel oil compliance with both of these specifications via an all-in-one product.
  • The PC 20 is a valuable lubricity additive ensuringno-harm properties.