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Good quality combustion starts with rapid ignition, followed by complete fuel combustion. The cetane number is used to measure the quality of this combustion according to the self-ignition delay.
The higher the cetane number, the shorter the self-ignition delay and the better the combustion quality. Conversely, fuels with a low cetane number are slower to ignite and do not burn completely.

A high cetane number leads to:

  • Reduced black smoke emissions
  • Improved engine performance and starting characteristics
  • Improved engine performance and starting characteristics

Our RV100 additive improves the combustion of Diesel fuels. It confers the following properties:

  • Improved self-ignition /reduce ignition delay
  • Reduced black smoke and unburnt gas emissions, along with reduced injector fouling
  • Reduced engine noise, particularly during cold starts
  • Improved driving comfort

Our RV100 additive enables you to conform to the administrative specifications of countries requiring a high cetane number for Diesel fuels. You will have the ability to efficiently treat crude oils from various origins producing Diesel fuels having different cetane numbers, even those having low paraffinic content.