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The tank respiration phenomenon (absorption of ambient humidity by liquid hydrocarbons) can generate a favourable environment for the development of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, with the following main consequences:

  • Feed circuit clogging
  • Emulsion formation
  • Corrosion

These problems may arise at any point in the distribution chain, from storage tank to motor vehicle. The treatment of this pollution requires the use of broad-spectrum biocides used for the prevention or treatment of these problems.


Our biocides can be used for treatment of both aqueous and organic phases:

  • Water at the bottom of hydrocarbon storage tanks (EB 301 W)
  • Petroleum distillates (EB 7301) 


Our products show spectacular results:

  • After a time of contact with the hydrocarbon of 6 hours, the number of living microorganisms is reduced by half.
  • Any trace of pollution disappears after about 36 hours.

Our biocides are sold exclusively to distribution professionals.


To know more about our TotalEnergies Biocide, download our brochure. Our teams are always available to answer your questions.