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The optimum operation of heating systems is at the core of our concerns when formulating additives for domestic fuel oil. Our product range is designed to improve the combustion properties of fuel oils of different origins and compositions. 
The growing use of substances of biological origin (fatty acid methyl esters or FAMEs) in the production of domestic fuels may lead to malfunctioning due to the storage or use of the product:

  • Pre-use fuel oil storage times are, on average, longer than those of fuels
  • The product may be exposed to considerable fluctuations in temperature (outdoor tanks).

These conditions tend to accelerate product ageing. The resulting formation of insoluble gums or deposits may alter or even stop boiler operation.

Our know-how, adapted to all boiler and burner types, offers the following advantages:


1.Optimised combustion yield

  • Reduction of over-consumption by preventing deposit formation
  • Maintenance of good combustion stability
  • Control of soot emissions

2.Controlled ageing

  • Extension of storage time
  • Significant reduction in sediment development, thus protecting the facility from filter and pump clogging
  • Maintenance of yield

3.Corrosion prevention

  • Protection of the entire feed system from corrosion
  • Increased facility reliability

4.Improved cold operability

  • Prevention of risks of filter and pre-filter clogging
  • Improved cold properties of fuel oils
  • Increased reliability of feed systems

5.Improved user convenience

  • Reduction of unpleasant fuel oil odours