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Production flow is a mix of oil, gas and water. After degassing, the separation of oil and water is required by oil commercial specifications (BSW, salinity), water quality and transport. Water in oil emulsions should easily separate but emulsions are stabilized by surfactant and other agent naturally present in crude oil.

Use of TotalEnergies AFS product line allows reducing retention time in separator and consequently increasing productivity. Demulsifiers and foam inhibitors help to separate quickly and safely. Effluent (i.e. oily water) can then be treated to be environmentaly acceptable for disposal or technically suitable for re-injection into reservoir.

TotalEnergies AFS provides a tailor-made formulation optimized to the fresh emulsion which provides the best results.

  • Demulsifier additives:
    • Reach oil commercial specifications and water quality
    • Reduce retention time in separator
  • Foam inhibitor additives:
    • Maintain separator capacity
    • Prevent loss of level control in separator due to foam
    • Reduce risk of downstream equipment damage due to carry-over of liquids through gas line or entrainment of gas through the oil line