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Attendance of water in production installations raises different corrosion issues that can threaten the integrity of those installations. The TotalEnergies AFS product line is specially designed to allow a better control of biological development in production water and thus limit the microbiologically induced corrosion, biomass accumulation and H2S production.

TotalEnergies AFS also offers solutions formulated to treat H2S and mercaptans contained in crude oil. These scavengers react with hydrogen sulfide to form a stable complex dispersable in hydrocarbon and water.


  • Biocides:
    • Control system fouling from biomass and biofilm formation and protect against microbiologically induced corrosion
    • Control bacteria accumulation (sulfato-reducing and thiosulfato-reducing) and thus H2S generation
  • H2S scavengers:
    • Improve safety due to reduced H2S content
    • Meet contract sales limit for H2S content
    • Removal of H2S gas from process systems thereby reducing corrosion