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A new way of working

  • Only authorised users can view your invoices
  • Invoices can be accessed 24/7 from any computer
    with an internet connection
  • No risk of losing documents, no papers to process,
    user-friendly filing system
  • Eliminates the risk of postal delivery delays
  • Cuts down on CO2 emissions

An electronic invoice is a PDF image of your physical invoice.
It includes an electronic signature, which guarantees its authenticity and reliability.

Invoices can be viewed 24/7 at DocOnline, on any computer with an internet connection.

No specific software is required to view your electronic invoices. Standard applications such as 7-Zip and Acrobat Reader are available for free download at DocOnline.

Invoices are available for download during an 18-month period. After the end of this period, they will no longer be accessible. It is your responsibility to save them in your personal files.

Yes: your e-invoice is a PDF version of the paper copy you've received in the past.

As soon as your invoice is available on DocOnline, you will receive a notification email containing a direct link to the invoice download page.

Yes, in accordance with European Directive 2001/115, implemented (or currently being implemented) in all European countries.

E-invoicing simply involves downloading a PDF file from our secure DocOnline site. You can then process the invoice in the same way as a paper copy.