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Excellium: Essential additive fuels for New Mobilities


In an ever-changing world, where environmental and technological challenges are redefining the way we get around, TotalEnergies has established itself as a key player by producing essential additive fuels: Excellium. Available in all TotalEnergies service stations in France as SP98 petrol and diesel, they play a significant role in the transition to better forms of mobility, where predominantly fossil fuels have yet to be used.

Excellium SP98, for example, is perfectly suited to the needs of new hybrid powertrains, offering an undeniable response to the challenges posed by this new generation of vehicles. Hybrid powertrains combine the efficiency of internal combustion engines with the power of electric motors, and to work optimally they require a high-quality fuel. Excellium meets this requirement by being specially designed to offer clean, efficient combustion, improved resistance to wear and tear, and perfect fuel stability over time.

Another major advantage of Excellium fuels is their ability to extend engine life and reduce fuel consumption. By minimizing deposit build-up and protecting essential engine components, they preserve the vehicle's original reliability and performance over the long term. This translates into reduced maintenance costs and increased durability, especially for the latest Diesel injection technologies?

But what makes "Excellium" even more remarkable is its origin. Did you know that the exclusive additives used to achieve this performance are manufactured in Givors (69), by TotalEnergies Additives and Fuel Solutions? This proximity to production guarantees unrivalled quality.
TotalEnergies Additives and Fuel Solutions is a true guarantor of the quality of this product, thanks to its expertise and commitment to continuous innovation.

Ultimately, Excellium is more than just a brand. Its additives embody genuine expertise, a response to the mobility challenges of our time.
It adapts to new forms of mobility, from fast-growing hybrid vehicles to cutting-edge injection technologies. By choosing Excellium, you're opting for quality, efficiency and durability, while contributing to cleaner, more efficient mobility.