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Our commitment does not stop at simply providing products to our customers. We also seek to ensure that they are given complete satisfaction. Our product offering may therefore be backed up by physical guidance at their side, in order to optimise their operations. This is particularly appropriate when supplying the following types of refining additive:

  • Cold flow properties additives, to verify their performance through regular analyses along with suggestions for adapting the injection rates or adjusting the additives if the distillates to be processed have changed
  • Lubricity additives through optimisation of the treatment rate during regular performance checks

TotalEnergies Additives and Fuels Solutions puts out its expertise by providing technical assistance on every Formula One Grand Prix. This high-quality service contributes to the successes of our partner teams. Our engineers ensure reliability of the engines for maximum performance with their mobile laboratory: 

Oil Analysis :

Our engineers diagnose the state of health of each engine used by partners Formula One teams. This expertise is performed through lubricant analysis thanks to a spark spectrometer which detects the quantities of wear metals present in engine oil samples. Thus actions can be done to save engines before brutal failure occurs and to ensure reliability.

Fuel Analysis:

FIA technical regulation strictly frame the composition of fuels which can be used. Each batch of fuel used on track must beforehand be approved . During a week of Grand Prix, TotalEnergies AFS engineers check and ensure at all times the fuel compliance. 
Fuel samples are collected from drums, bowsers, coolers and car tanks. They are immediately analyzed in a chromatograph. Fuel conformity is then evaluated through obtained chromatographic fingerprints. 

As fuel injection rate into the engine is limited to 100 kg/h, FIA imposes a maximum variation for the fuel density of 0.25%. TotalEnergies AFS engineers ensure throughout the event that this rule is respected with a density meter. In case of drift, they lead immediate corrective actions. 

Fluids identification:

TotalEnergies AFS engineers are able to identify unknown fluid or mix of fluids, thanks to an infrared spectrometer (FTIR). For instance, when a fluid is leaking from the car, this identification can lead to the source of the leak so it makes it possible to fix it. It is also the basis for technical changes improving the reliability of the Power Unit. 




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