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As a responsible manufacturer, TotalEnergies Additives and Fuels Solutions contributes to the controlled and efficient development of products derived from the oil industry.

Fulfilling the needs of our current customers whilst limiting our impact on the environment and on future generations has led us to build a corporate culture shared by all of our staff. This corporate culture concerns:

  • The choice of our industrial partners and their behaviour as regards to our values and principles
  • Designing our manufacturing tools to reduce our environmental impact
  • Improving the energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes
  • Our R&D policy to conceive additional energy sources
  • The use of second generation biofuels, which are not in competition with human food sources
  • Limiting and recycling waste in order to protect the environment
  • Optimised collection of volatile organic compounds

As we are keen to ensure that we are properly integrated into society, we undertake steps to meet and talk to neighbouring residents by taking part in local discussions. This approach takes into account the objectives defined by the TotalEnergies Group.