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Gearbox and LS differencial Oil HTX 725 75W-80 LSD



HTX 725 75W-80 LSD

5L / 1.32 gal.


Thanks to its experience in fluid engineering, Elf Racing offers a range of products specially developed for racing vehicles. 





ELF HTX 725 is a multigrade lubricant for transmissions coupled to 4-stroke engines and, in some special cases, to 2-stroke engines.
Synthesis product designed for sequential and conventional gearboxes, with or without differential, with or without limited slip. 
Optimized fomulation to reduce power loss due to friction.
Extreme pressure additive reinforced and adapted to competition constraints (sudden load variations, stresses under left foot braking, high temperatures...).
Reworked friction modifiers to minimize wear, optimize the work of the LS discs and reduce gear shifting time.
Improved de-aeration properties to ensure a uniform oil film and constant pressure for the hydraulic controls.

ELF HTX 725 is used where performance is of prime importance. Ideal for gearboxes coupled with high speed engines.
Used for qualification phases and for short and medium duration events such as :
o Circuit (One Design Championship, used in particular in FR/F2/F3 on SADEV)
o Hillclimb
o Slalom...

Choice of viscosity to be checked with your equipment manufacturer / transmission specialist.

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