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Motorcycle oil Elf HTX 3820 0W-20

ELF HTX 3820


HTX 3820 0W-20     

1L / 0.264 gal.

Thanks to its experience in fluid engineering, Elf Racing offers a range of products specially developed for racing vehicles. 




This product HTX 3820 is specially designed for motorcycle applications with combined engine and transmission, wet or dry clutch. 
- Synthetic lubricant formulated to bring a gain in performance specifically under very high load and very high speed, by reducing friction and overheating.
- Reworked coefficient of friction, to give your clutch the pleasure adapted to competition use.
- Extreme pressure level adapted to the constraints in the transmission and engine parts subject to very high pressure gradients such as tappets, cams, pinions...  
- Specific dispersivity adapted to local temperature extremes to avoid deposit formation, especially in the lubrication circuit.
- Enhanced shear strength to ensure optimum reliability.
- Improved de-aeration to ensure a consistent, homogeneous oil film, ideal for dry sump applications, even under extreme conditions.

ELF HTX 3820 is particularly recommended for very short efforts such as a qualifying session or a sprint race. 
Recommended use: Moto GP, SBK, SS...

Choice of viscosity to be checked with your engine manufacturer/tuner.

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