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Engine oil Elf HTX 909 SAE 50

HTX 909_en


HTX 909 SAE 50        0.265 gal.


Thanks to its experience in fluid engineering, Elf Racing offers a range of products specially developed for racing vehicles. 






This product ELF HTX 909, based on synthetic oil and castor oil, is designed for 2-stroke competition engines: Karting, Motorcycle... 
Perfectly suited for very high engine speeds (up to 25,000 rpm).
Thanks to its high castor oil content and these specially selected components, ELF HTX 909 provides exceptional protection against the clamping phenomenon.
Prevents piston-ring gumming and spark plug fouling. Its specific chemistry prevents the formation of deposits in the combustion chamber, thus reducing the risks of pre-ignition. 
CIK-FIA 2021 approval.

Mixing ratio to be checked with your engine manufacturer.

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