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ActiSTART gamme compétition Total Energies

Starting January 2021, TotalEnergies made a commitment to its individual and professional customers to fully offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by actiSTART 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol*.


Human activities generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a daily basis, which contribute to climate change. While we can all reduce our carbon footprint by using sustainable transport, making conscious food choices, sorting and recycling waste,  some GHG emissions cannot be avoided. Voluntary carbon offsetting helps offset some or all of these emissions by supporting projects that seek to reduce, eliminate or trap carbon through reforestation, substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energies, access to energy for developing countries, etc.
Each tonne of GHG emissions that these projects reduce, eliminate or trap is measured in CO2 equivalent (CO2-eq) and for each metric tonne the project earns one Certified Emissions Reduction (CER).

* Offsetting relates to upstream greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (extraction, processing, transportation and distribution) and emissions generated during fuel combustion, as defined by ADEME.

HoW Does offsetting work? 

The quantity of carbon emitted into the atmosphere by actiSTART from production through to consumption is measured in CO2 equivalent (kg). This unit was created by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in order to compare the impact of different sources of greenhouse gases on global warming and cumulate emissions.

The ENVIRA PROJECT supported by actiSTART

200 000 hectares of protected rainforests

and 37,7 Million tonnes of CO₂ avoided





  • To protect forest ecosystem services (air and water filtration, regulation of water and nutrient cycles, flood protection)
  • To restore the intrinsic spiritual and cultural value of tropical forests
  • To develop alternative sources of income and employment for local communities
  • To preserve the habitat of endemic bird species and endangered tree species

Le projet Envira Amazonia est l'un des plus grands projets REDD(3)+ au monde et l'un des rares projets REDD+ à avoir obtenu la double certification VCS(1) et CCB (2) - Triple Gold Distinction

 (1)VCS = Verified Carbon Standards  (2)CCBS = Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards  (3)REDD = Reducing Emmissions from Deforestation and Forest Degratation Standards